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Over the past few years, many investors have lost almost all their investments made in cryptocurrency as a result of hacking attacks on user accounts or virtual wallets. So, is there a method of storing and collecting cryptocurrency that would be safe? This is a dilemma for both beginner investors and specialists. Fortunately, there are special platforms, such as Cryptoeddu, that allow you to store your cryptocurrency in modern secure accounts.

Modern investments

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency designed as a means of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions and to control the creation of new units. This means that, in principle, cryptocurrencies are database entries that no one can change unless certain conditions are met.

In a decentralised network, such as the Bitcoin network, each participant must perform the same actions. This is done by means of blockchain technology – a public register of all transactions that have ever taken place in the network. Everyone in this network can see the balance of every account. Each transaction is a file that consists of the public keys of the sender and recipient and the quantity of the coins sent. The cryptocurrency transaction must be signed by the sender by means of the private key. Then it is broadcast on the network, but first it must be confirmed.

The value of most of cryptocurrencies is quite unstable, and therefore they have a great investment potential and can bring substantial profits. The key, however, is knowing how to invest. How do we know what type of cryptocurrency to buy? Where do you even buy cryptocurrency? The Cryptoeddu platform answers all these questions.

Purchase of cryptocurrency

There are many ways to buy your first cryptocurrency. To do this, you must have a smartphone with a dedicated wallet installed. When at the ATM, you have to call up the wallet’s QR code and place it against the machine for it to be scanned and then make a simple on-screen transaction. The whole thing is paid for in cash. A great advantage of Bitcoin ATMs is certainly the possibility to carry out the whole transaction completely offline and using modern technology. However, it should be added that the machines charge a commission of 5% on each purchase.

Stationary cryptocurrency exchange offices have a much larger range of cryptocurrencies and offer higher availability. In many cases, we can also find them in small towns. Many of the stationary cryptocurrency exchange offices are simply standard currency exchange offices that have decided to expand their range of products on offer. The exchange price is usually a few percent higher than on the cryptocurrency stock exchange, but the transactions are completely anonymous and can take place both online and offline.

Buying cryptocurrency on the cryptocurrency stock exchange is currently the most popular solution. Exchanges have the advantage over exchange offices in that they allow for relatively flexible management of the purchase and sale price. Also, commissions are usually lower than in cryptocurrency exchange offices. Most large exchanges have powerful security features and user protection programs.

However, the most secure form of buying cryptocurrency are educational packages with cryptocurrency, which will be discussed below.

For beginners – the role of intermediaries

Cryptocurrency can also be acquired on special intermediary platforms, such as Cryptoeddu. Cryptoeddu is a special type of platform where beginner investors can access cryptocurrencies using two different methods. First of all, it is possible to purchase a training package as part of the Cryptocurrency Package – this is a very convenient option, as we only pay for the educational materials and receive cryptocurrency free-of-charge.

Secondly, there is also a possibility to collect the cryptocurrency which has previously been purchased as part of the package. Where can we find such packages? They can be purchased from Cryptoeddu partners – brands creating various EducationalPackages with Cryptocurrency. You then only need to enter the eight-digit code provided with the package to gain access to free cryptocurrency tokens. However, not every brand cooperates with Cryptoeddu, so before entering the code, it is worthwhile to make sure that it will be supported by the platform. Cryptoeddu‘s partners usually direct users to the site where cryptocurrency can then be collected.

The idea behind the Cryptoeddu platform

The idea behind the Cryptoeddu website is to provide beginners with a safe place where they can collect their cryptocurrency. When starting their adventure with investing, many people are unaware of the dangers waiting for the owners of cryptocurrency on the Internet. Investing amateurs can lose their assets through error or carelessness, by providing an incorrect key or portfolio data, not to mention the possibility of data theft.

The Cryptoeddu platform ensures the safety of the cryptocurrency until we enter a special code and confirm that we would like to withdraw it. In this way, not only the probability of having our funds stolen is minimised, but also the storage cost of the cryptocurrency is reduced.

Buy a cryptocurrency package

The Educational Package with Cryptocurrency is a special package for beginners, containing knowledge about investing and managing cryptocurrencies. Educational packages consist of training materials: e-books, webinars and online courses. With their help, any amateur investor can learn the basics of investing, different methods of investing in cryptocurrency and how to store and manage selected cryptocurrencies.

The distinctive feature of Starter Packages with Cryptocurrency is that apart from the materials, the client receives free-of-charge cryptocurrency units. There exist many different types of packages, differing in the number of free cryptocurrency units and its type. The bonus is designed to encourage all customers to make practical use of the knowledge acquired thanks to the Package. The status and the value of the units collected can be verified with a special code.

It is also a distinctive element of Educational Packages. The code is a document sent in a secure package to the address indicated by the customer. It contains a login and a password to the wallet where cryptocurrency is collected.

The Cryptoeddu store is currently offering Educational Packages with the Ripple Plus Cryptocurrency at a promotional price. The package includes a number of e-books and webinars that deal with issues related to cryptocurrency investments, cryptocurrency-related law, as well as security and investment risk issues.

The Educational Packages are an extensive compendium of knowledge, which can provide a solid introduction to the topic to those who have never previously invested in cryptocurrency or had no contact with this type of investing.

Collect your package

Once you have received the code, you can choose to store cryptocurrency in an individual wallet assigned to each purchase of a cryptocurrency unit. The eight-digit code allows you to manage the cryptocurrency you received.

To collect it, click the “Collect cryptocurrency” tab at the top of the page. A window will appear in which you should enter the code you received and the email address you provided when making the order.

It is hard to deny that Cryptoeddu is distinguished by numerous collaborations with brands offering free cryptocurrency units included in the Packages. The Cryptoeddu website also allows to collect cryptocurrency which comes with the packages purchased outside the platform itself. The procedure of collecting cryptocurrency does not differ from the one we deal with when buying a Package on the platform, hence Cryptoeddu has an opinion of an easy-to-use investment platform.

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